Authentication scopes

Aurinko supports granular authentication scopes to improve security for your end-users. You can limit the permissions and data Aurinko requests during authentication by using the  scopes parameter with the /auth/authorize endpoint.

To remain secure, Aurinko strongly recommends passing only the scopes that your application needs when authenticating a user. Please reference the table below when updating your authentication code to make sure your application requests the minimal amount of access necessary for your app's functionality.

Aurinko scope Description
Mail.ReadWrite Read and modify all messages, threads, file attachments, and read email metadata like headers. Does not include send.
Mail.Read Read all messages, threads, file attachments, drafts, and email metadata like headers - no write operations.
Mail.Send Send messages only. No read or modify privileges on users' emails.
Calendar.ReadWrite Read and modify calendars and events.
Calendar.Read Read calendars and events.
Contacts.ReadWrite Read and modify contacts.
Contacts.Read Read contacts.
Tasks.ReadWrite Read and modify tasks.
Tasks.Read Read tasks.


To give an example, if your app has functionality for users to send and read messages, but not modify messages, you would use the following scopes:  Mail.ReadOnly,Mail.Send.

Here is an example request showing how your app might pass these scopes:

curl -X GET https:/ \
	-d clientId='a8b7c6d5e4f3g2h1' \
	-d serviceType='Office365' \
	-d scopes='Mail.Read,Mail.Send' \
	-d returnUrl='' \
	-d state='CustomStateString'
Any tokens obtained this way have a limited scope, so you won't be able to access out-of-scope endpoints with them.

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