Getting started

Welcome to Aurinko!

The Aurinko API platform allows developers to accelerate development of workplace addons (Office add-ins, Gmail addons, Teams apps, Slack apps, ...) and mailbox integrations (emails, calendar, contacts). The Aurinko API platform is secure, reliable, and easy to use and maintain.

Aurinko account setup

First, create your account in the Aurinko portal, then follow the guide to get your developer API keys

Workplace addons

Follow our quickstart guides for using Aurinko to accelerate your workplace addon development.

  • Outlook add-ins - Learn how to use Aurinko as a backend API for these add-ins.
  • Teams apps - Learn how to use Aurinko as a backend API for Teams apps with bot functionality.

Unified mailbox API

Follow our quickstart guides for the Aurinko email, calendar, and contacts APIs.

  • Calendar API - Learn how to read data from calendars and events, create and modify events, send event notifications.
  • Email API - Learn how to read data from email inboxes, create and send emails, attach files.
  • Contacts API - Learn how to read data from address books, create and modify contacts.

Next steps

What is Aurinko API - Learn more details about Aurinko API platform.

API Reference - Our API reference provides all the details you need to know to use Aurinko API

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