What is a Service account?

A service account (or daemon authorization) is a way to access web-hosted resources for server-to-server interactions that must run in the background, without immediate interaction with a user. They are useful for organizations that need to connect multiple accounts with Aurinko without interrupting end users to complete their account authentications.

Which providers does Aurinko currently support?

Aurinko is currently able to onboard G Suite and MS Exchange service accounts as well as Office 365 "global admin" based app registrations. All Aurinko API's (email, calendar, contacts) support this.

Service Account Setup

There are 3 main steps to using service accounts for authentication.

  1. Your customer's IT Administrator does a one-time configuration of service accounts for their G Suite or Office 365 Organization, or MS Exchange server and shares the credentials with you. For more details please refer to the following articles:

    Setting up MS Exchange service account
  2. G Suite or MS Exchange: Upload the service account credentials to Aurinko from the Account/SERVICE tab:

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  3. Office 365: specify your daemon app registration details in the Application settings / Office 365 OAuth (Daemon):
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    Use the service/daemon account authentication API to add a new service account.

  4. Use the managed accounts API to add user accounts that will use a service account for authentications. Your application can then use the managed accounts to access user data.