The Aurinko unified mailbox API allows developers to quickly build integrations with many mailbox providers and services like Google, Office 365,, MS Exchange. The unified API abstracts away differences between many email, calendar, contact, task APIs to make it easy to connect and sync the mailbox data.

The Aurinko API's focus is convenient and reliable data synchronization for all supported data categories (email, calendar, contacts, tasks) so the API provides methods to receive changes/deltas and be notified of the changes (through webhooks) in a unified manner. The API's sync/deltas model should allow developers to build reliable event based solutions easily.

The Aurinko API is mainly a pass-through platform, proxying all requests directly to data providers, using smart query techniques where necessary (i.e. when providing the same sync/delta model for recurring events or for a hierarchy of email folders). Some control data may be cached on the API servers to provide reliable sync/deltas but the data are limited to Ids, master-instance, thread-message relations and contents of processed emails, events, contacts, tasks are never stored on the Aurinko servers.

When you authenticate an account to Aurinko you get an account access token and can start using the API. Aurinko takes care of keeping its provider connections authorized so you don't have to worry about refreshing tokens.

Also when you start using the sync/deltas methods the Aurinko platform provisions necessary event notification subscriptions to monitor any changes to data in the remote account. Aurinko takes care of renewing the subscriptions and re-creating them when they're lost so the developers don't have to worry about that.

Quickstart guides

  • Calendar API - Learn how to read data from calendars and events, create and modify events, send event notifications.
  • Email API - Learn how to read data from email inboxes, create and send emails, attach files.
  • Contacts API - Learn how to read data from address books, create and modify contacts.